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Expedition Brewing Co. is all about the genuine enjoyment of good beer.  We are honest, authentic, and bold - so too is everything about our company.   

Our products are crafted with one thing in mind, supporting a community of beer drinkers with a high-quality product that delivers on uniqueness and taste.   

Our beers are inspired by our own journeys and beer enjoying experiences.   Simply put, we love beer and have set off to make a series of beers that we would love to drink, and that others will love to drink along with us.  Our passion for making good beer is obvious the minute you take a sip.  From our Bock to our Lager, and for the several other styles on the horizon, we strive to deliver an excellent beer drinking experience with every pour. 


Expedition Brewing Co. started from the modest beginnings of two friends simply chatting about their shared love of adventure.  For both of us, our personal lives and professional experiences had provided opportunity for adventures in Canada and around the world.  While sharing these stories, a common thread with many of these memories was the enjoyment of celebrating a hard-day’s accomplishment with some wonderful beers.        

That concept quickly became the foundation of the company’s purpose – to champion people’s love of exploring and adventure, and to brew beers worthy of celebrating those accomplishments. 


Cooper appears prominently on all our artwork, but who is he?  Cooper is a representation our passion for challenge and our enjoyment of celebrating accomplishments.  

Cooper is on an Expedition to find the world’s most elusive creatures.   He wants to see them for himself.  It’s not easy, and that's the point.  It’s in some hard to reach parts of the globe, and that's just fine.  The journey is as important as the destination and Cooper is determined to enjoy every minute of it. 

Cooper’s journey is about meeting all life’s challenges head on.  It is the embodiment of Expedition Brewing Co.’s journey.  We love challenging ourselves and the allure of adventure, in whatever form life brings it.  Expedition is about embracing life’s adventures and rewarding yourself for meeting the challenge.  


Adventure and exploration come in many forms, whether dramatic once-in-a-lifetime experiences or an evening ritual to leave the workday behind.   Regardless of if it’s climbing a difficult peak or finding a new trail more suited to the abilities of your aging dog, we set off on our own expeditions every day.

Expedition Brewing Co. was created to celebrate your adventures with you, brewing beers that we hope will be a tribute to your accomplishments.    

We brew beers that we’d want to drink after an epic journey - inspired by the adventures of our community, our own exploits, and the pints enjoyed along the way.   

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