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To challenge IPA norms, this brew offers citrus goodness paired with just the right punch and no lingering aftertaste. Hop-headed fans and IPA skeptics will find their common ground in this refreshing take.

IBU 68 // SRM 11 // ABV 6%

Pairs great with burgers, tacos and South American cuisine, seafood and a spicy pizza.


Lager is likely the most popular style of beer the world over, and we are boldly stepping into that arena with our take on it. Inspired by Helles lagers and Dortmunder exports, our lager is delivering a very flavorful and yet incredibly drinkable beer. We aimed to have a taste that would introduce itself with confidence, but not leave any unwanted lingering on your palate.

IBU 25 // SRM 6 // ABV 5%

Pairs great with chicken, burgers, salads, salmon, hummus, pizza,

gouda cheese


When a style of beer hangs around relatively unchanged since the medieval era, there is a reason for it.  As a full-bodied, high-malt beer, many consider this style as a fall/winter beverage.  Don’t get us wrong, it does really well in the cold weather, but our first experience with Bock was in the warmest of climates.  From that point on, our goal was to create an Ontario craft Bock that could be enjoyed in any situation while staying true to its tradition. 

IBU 23 // SRM 22 // ABV 6.2%

Pairs great with BBQ, Cajun, jerk and slow roasted and seared foods, duck, fried chicken, gruyere cheese, grilled mushrooms

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